Jerry's Taxidermy
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Fish Price List

Skin Mounts*

*We will skin-mount your fish if you want. However, in the interest of conservation, we are promoting catch-and-release instead, except for food consumption. Just bring us measurements, weight, and a picture if possible, and we will create the best, highest quality REPLICA on the market!

$15 per inch

Minimum $285

Saltwater and Freshwater Replicas

$13 per inch

Minimum $329


$15 per inch

Minimum $329

Name Plate



Water Splash Base



Habitat Base



Fish Repaint



Shipping Instructions for Fish

1. Wrap in plastic garbage bag.
2. Freeze solid.
3. Tape cardboard over fish.
4. Wrap in 3" of newspaper.
5. Place in cardboard box.
6. Ship UPS on MONDAY ONLY! No holiday weeks. In SUMMER, ship 2nd DAY.